Interactive Poster Presentation at the IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2023
During the 20th Web Archiving Conference of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), I introduced my research through an interactive poster presentation, where we co-created the results section during the poster session.
During a 5-minute lightning talk, I introduced my research by highlighting the questions for whom do we preserve and at what cost? And who determines the future of our digital past? In my opinion, these are necessary questions to ask in a world that is in a global ecological crisis. Do we really need to hit save every time?
During my poster presentation, I wanted to explore if the three narratives* I began to recognise in the literature on personal digital archiving also resonated with the personal archiving habits of archiving professionals
*Obsolescence: Technology is moving fast and sometimes it seems that we cannot keep up with the pace. "Old" media is disappearing fast and being replaced by "the new".
*Obfuscation: Everyday personal technologies are increasingly designed to be opaque and inaccessible to their users, also known as the black box concept.
*Abundance: We now have so much digital stuff that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of these vast amounts of data.
To start conversations around these narratives, I created three yes/no statements that could be accessed through the QR code on the poster and the handouts (see images below). During the poster presentation, the responses were materialized on the poster by cutting out parts of the poster by scissors, blacking out parts with a marker and by sticking on shimmering stones (see images above).
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